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13.06.2011 (1359 Days Ago)

Learning English outside the classroom

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Learning English Outside the Classroom
Learning English Outside the Classroom
1359 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: english, learning, no teacher, esl

Many students of English do not have access to teachers. Once I was doing research with my class whereby they had to fill in a small daily diary. One day they were asked "What new English did you learn today?" One student filled in her answer saying "I did not go to school today because I had a doctor's appointment". This clarified for me that many students think that sitting in a classroom with a teacher is "learning English"

I thought that this student might have learned some new English going to the doctor. A doctor's trip involves arriving at the reception desk and informing the receptionist that you have arrived. The next procedure is to wait - often looking at magazines while waiting for the doctor to announce your name.

The doctor often asks how you are - what do you say? At work you would give a positive answer, but when a doctor asks how you are as a greeting, what should you say?

Then you are asked to describe your symptoms - naming body parts, describing pain, discomfort etc....

Your doctor may then explain what is wrong and if not, you should enquire ...

Your doctor may then explain how to take the medication and any risks associated with it ...

Then the farewell, including a thank you to the doctor.

Finally, back to the receptionist to pay your bill.

Hence, it can be seen that a visit to the doctor involves a lot of conversation types, often with unfamiliar vocabulary.

My main point here is that you do not have to sit in a classroom to learn English. Have a look at my website to see some more ways to learn English without a teacher!

Until next time,

Gramarye signing off

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