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If you’re studying ESL – English as a 2nd language, I’m sure you’ve had problems listening, or understanding native English speakers. Don’t worry – you are NOT alone! These are the most common c
I've been inspired by my students to share my ideas about how to complete writing assignments, and these ideas can also apply to students preparing for a writing test. Writing about your thoughts, fee
How writing a journal can help calm your nerves Do you ever get nervous writing tests? You're not alone... most people get so nervous they lose sleep the night before, they don't eat well and they ma
How fossilization can prevent you from improving your English ESL - English as a second language. Have you been studying ESL for many years? Do you feel stuck or frustrated that you can't improve fas
  ESL - Is English really an international language? Do you have to learn the local culture in order to study a language? English is being used and taught around the world, and local cultures are ada