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Top 10 ways to learn languages for free online In the real world, it’s not easy to find time to study another language. With your job, family, friends and other commitments, finding time to attend a
Learn a new language by watching TV? It seems a little too easy, but researchers are now saying there’s evidence that watching TV is a great way to learn languages. While most people will remember
1314 days ago 1 comments Categories: Learning languages, Teaching Tags: ESL, EFL, English learning, teaching
  I came across a quote posted by @CoachCoreyWayne on Twitter. The quote is by the German literary great Johann Von Goethe and says, "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; w
We’ve been promising our friends at The Everyday Language Learner that we would review their Guide to Self-Assessment for a while now, so it’s about time we did. If you haven’t checked out the site, h
1362 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: english, learning, no teacher, esl
Many students of English do not have access to teachers. Once I was doing research with my class whereby they had to fill in a small daily diary. One day they were asked "What new English did you lear
Many people have heard a friend, family member or maybe just someone in a bar or café speaking another language and thought to themselves, “That’s cool, I must take classes one of these days.” Well
1378 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: language learning, ebook, free
One of the great challenges for language learners is getting started.  Perhaps a greater challenge however is to keep going.  Too often we run out of steam or energy or motivation or whatever you want
1382 days ago 1 comments Categories: Review Tags: video games, language learning, Chinese, MMO
In addition to updates on my own language learning game, this blog will also contain some excerpts from my thesis as well as game and app reviews. Today's post takes a look at web-based MMO (massively
1399 days ago 0 comments Categories: Tech News Tags: video games, social games, language learning
The goal of learning a foreign language is, at its heart, communication. The exchange of ideas and experiences across cultural and linguistic barriers is intrinsically social. Why then do so many vide
1402 days ago 2 comments Categories: Tech News Tags: video games, game design, language learning
Hey guys!   My name is Trent Hoy and I just graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Master's in French. As part of my graduate work, I chose to complete a thesis looking at the use of vide
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