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Featured language-learning website — There are a lot sites that help you "to learn" Spanish but not many where you can practice and sharpen your knowledge. That's why I started building a new website concept to fill that gap. It is still in development but do give it a try and tell me what you like about it, dislike, would like to see included in the future. All feedback is very welcome. You can already do exercises on por/para, ser/estar, numbers, clock, verbs, idiomatic, ... Vocabulary and proverbs are in development and will be released soon. Much more to come on :   Hope you like it a little already and that it helps you to have good results (notes)
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3 days ago 0 comments From: ItaSchool Categories: Language learning (general)  Tags: italian courses rome language school learn italian — LANGUAGE SCHOOL LOCATED IN ROME. WE OFFER ITALIAN COURSES FOR FOREIGNERS AND TRAVELLERS AND LANGUAGE COURSES SUCH AS FRENCH/ENGLISH/SPANISH/GERMAN/RUSSIAN /CHINESE AND JAPANESE.   INTENSIVE ITALIAN COURSE PRICE: 350€ + 45€ (registration fee). The duration in 4 weeks for a total of 60 hrs. SPECIAL PRICE FOR STUDENTS, RELIGIOUS AND AU-PAIR: 299€ + 45€ (registration fee)   LANGUAGE COURSES OF 3 MONTHS PRICE: 299€ + 45€ (registration fee)
15 days ago 0 comments From: iwdy23 Categories: Language learning (general)  Tags: llc — fit directly into your lifestyle easily and it'll impress a person's guests. Elba will be personified by means of its Italian type, design and also build know-how. Feature to get feature, rand intended for rand, Elba presents unrivalled complete performance. Elba home appliances are made to demanding European specifications. Assembled by folks that understand ones passion pertaining to cooking. Electrical home equipment have enjoyed a crucial role with simplifying the trouble of existence. The lip smacking breakfast every day recipes which often satiate the particular morning food cravings pang whilst your taste buds are actually easy to arrange. Doctors, health specialists and everyone who may be a fitness fanatic says that developing a glass connected with freshly went about getting juice will wonders for ones health. But folks often have lazy relating to swearing by way of this practice. After most
26 days ago 0 comments From: iwdy23 Categories: Language learning (general)  Tags: llc — I don't have to guess what's going on in the minds of most police officers in our country - I know.After serving in Vietnam as an Army Lieutenant, and receiving the bronze star medal for risking my life for our country, I was very upset with how I was treated by our anti-war citizens when I came home. In fact one of my lifelong vivid memories was when I was walking through the San Francisco Airport. I was on my way home and needed to wear my uniform to get a government paid commercial flight ticket. While walking through a corridor to catch my next flight, I noticed how people were deliberately trying to avoid me -- which included scornful looks. This picture has stuck in my mind to this day. How could people not recognize that what I had done was what our country had asked me to do to protect their freedom.
58 days ago 0 comments From: iwdy23 Categories: Entertainment  Tags: llc — last, for slaves cannot work so cheap as free men. Besides, we ought to give all our subjects liberty.' Was he a harbinger of a new day?Perhaps he had heard of Bunce Island, in Sierra Leone; in the 18th century it was a British slave trading post. From its shores, tens of thousands of Africans were forcefully shipped to the American colonies in atrocious, sub-human conditions on-board hulks that were monstrosities.Be that as it may, back in Britain in 1791, perhaps spurred by guilt feelings or the impact of the great insurrection of slaves in French St. Domingo, some members of the British Establishment, forerunners of the Anti-Slavery movement, were rustling up a 'Society for forming a settlement on the coast of Africa' with the intention of doing something to stop this particular slave trade.
70 days ago 0 comments From: palada Categories: World & Business  Tags: name ring personalized jewelry — personalized ring
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